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SummerField Texture Pack

Compatible with , | Available in - Updated on March 3, 2012

Summerfield texture pack has higher details than the default texture pack. It is 32×32 which means the texture pack is a higher definition so therefore the pack looks better and nicer. It is currently available in Minecraft. It has releases its latest Update to the Version 22.a in February

It’s a texture pack that adds a feeling of summer to Minecraft. Its inspired by the famous JoliCraft Texture Pack and you can see that through out. It is also inspired by Good Morningcraft (GM Craft). It’s a very bright texture pack  I have to say.

SummerField Texture Pack

Lithiumsound made this texture pack and you can see where the inspiration comes from as it does have a similar feel to JoliCraft and Good Morning Craft but obviously a higher definition. I would like to thanks the developer for creating this pack and crediting his inspirations.

SummerField Texture Pack Mods Supports

  • The Aether Support (BETA)(Items 90% done/terrain 100% done/GUI 90% done)
  • The Better Than Wolves Support (BETA)(Items 60% done/terrain 100% done/GUI 100% done)
  • The Tale of Kingdoms Support
  • The Clay Soldiers Support
  • The ComputerCraft Support
  • The Wurstknifte’s BookMod support

SummerField Texture Pack Version 22.a for Minecraft

  • Added Ozelot
  • Added Red Cat, Black Cat, Siamese Cat
  • Added Jungle Tree Sapling


How to Install Summerfield Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.9 and 1.7.X

  • Download SummerField Texture Pack
  • Download the latest version of MCPatcher HD and Patch
  • Put the texture pack in .minecraft/texture pack
  • Open MCPatcher
  • Click Patch
  • Close MCPatcher
  • Open Minecraft and enjoy