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SummerField Texture Pack — Minecraft 1.2.3

Compatible with | Available in - Updated on March 3, 2012

Summerfield texture pack has higher details than the default texture pack. It is 32×32 which means the texture pack is a higher definition so therefore the pack looks better and nicer. It is currently available in Minecraft 1.2.3. It has releases its latest Update to the Version 22.a in February 2012.

It’s a texture pack that adds a feeling of summer to Minecraft. Its inspired by the famous JoliCraft Texture Pack and you can see that through out. It is also inspired by Good Morningcraft (GM Craft). It’s a very bright texture pack  I have to say.

SummerField Texture Pack

Lithiumsound made this texture pack and you can see where the inspiration comes from as it does have a similar feel to JoliCraft and Good Morning Craft but obviously a higher definition. I would like to thanks the developer for creating this pack and crediting his inspirations.

SummerField Texture Pack Mods Supports

  • The Aether Support (BETA)(Items 90% done/terrain 100% done/GUI 90% done)
  • The Better Than Wolves Support (BETA)(Items 60% done/terrain 100% done/GUI 100% done)
  • The Tale of Kingdoms Support
  • The Clay Soldiers Support
  • The ComputerCraft Support
  • The Wurstknifte’s BookMod support

SummerField Texture Pack Version 22.a for Minecraft 1.2.3 Changelogs

  • Added Ozelot
  • Added Red Cat, Black Cat, Siamese Cat
  • Added Jungle Tree Sapling


How to Install SummerField Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.3

  • Download SummerField Texture Pack
  • Download the latest version of MCPatcher HD and Patch
  • Put the texture pack in .minecraft/texture pack
  • Open MCPatcher
  • Click Patch
  • Close MCPatcher
  • Open Minecraft and enjoy