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Soartex Fanver Texture Pack

Compatible with , | Available in - Updated on August 16, 2013

Alright guys, I’ve got a smooth and HD Texture Pack for you guys. It is definitely one hell of a smooth Texture Pack. Its the Soartex Fanver Texture Pack in 64x resolution. It looks so nice and very temperate in my opinion!

Soartex Fanver Texture Pack

The Soartex Fanver Texture Pack has very beautiful lighting to it and the textures are incredibly smooth and detailed. As it has 64x resolution the details of the textures are unquestionably detailed, while the developer has done a very amazing job in focusing on making the textures look polished and silky. It has no real theme or anything apart from trying to achieve a Texture Pack that is detailed but not too solid that your eyes get dizzy by. So for those of you that sometimes face the same problem as I do when using too detailed Texture Packs, this might just be the solution.

How to Install SoarTEX Fanver Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.9 and 1.7.X

  1. Download Soartex Fanver Texture Pack
  2. Save the folder to .Minecraft/Texture Packs
  3. Patch Minecraft using MCPatcher HD (follow the instructions in the link)
  4. Open Minecraft and select the Soartex Fanver Texture Pack in the Texture Pack folder.
  5. Enjoy Minecraft!