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MCPatcher HD for Patching

Compatible with | Available in - Updated on August 16, 2013

MC Patcher HD is a tool you will find very helpfully, even more so if you have a good computer which can withstand HD Texture packs and that’s what this tool is for HD texture packs.

MCPatcher HD

HD texture packs are texture packs for Minecraft with have a higher definition than the default definition. The default is 16 x 16. So 32 x 32 texture packs and above are considered HD.

Before you patch your texture pack you need to have it in the .minecraft/ texture pack folder

How to Install Texture Packs using MCPatcher HD

  • Download the texture pack
  • Type %appdata%
  • Open .minecraft
  • Open /texture packs
  • Drag the texture pack over
  • Close the windows and open MC Patcher

How to use MC Patcher HD to Patch Minecraft

  • Click to download MCPatcher HD
  • Open MC Patcher HD
  • Select any mods you have installed (eg Randomobs)
  • Select Better grass ( optional)
  • Click Patch
  • Open Minecraft and enjoy!

Download MCPatcher HD here