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KayneCraft Texture Pack

Compatible with , | Available in , - Updated on August 16, 2013

I had just recently reviewed a Texture Pack called Minecraft 4Kids which was a mixture between realistic and cartoon. Today I have a similar one for you. The KayneCraft Texture Pack which is in 2 resolutions, the 64x and the 128x.

KayneCraft Texture Pack

Now when I say similar, its similar and not the same, the Minecraft 4Kids is very well balanced between realistic and cartoon, however the KayneCraft Texture Pack leans more toward the cartoon side. Its textures like those you see in the image above is very cartoonish. The dirt, the ores, even the fire (which I like very much) are very cartoonish. Its something that would make your minecraft experience a little more relax if you ask me. Not those serious incredibly detailed ones like, you know LB Photo Realism or an historic Creative_Ones’s Medieval Pack.

KayneCraft Texture Pack version 1.9 Changelogs

  • Updated Jungle wood, leaf, and sapling
  • Removed glowstone from Iron Banding
  • Use iron banded glowstone for lamps
  • New XP potion texture
  • Fixed language button not showing
  • Updated pack icon
  • New Leather and iron armour

How to Install KanyeCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.9 and 1.7.X

  1. Download KayneCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft
  2. Save the folder to .Minecraft/Texture Packs
  3. Patch Minecraft using MCPatcher HD (follow the instructions in the link)
  4. Open Minecraft and select the KayneCraft Texture Pack in the Texture Pack folder.
  5. Enjoy Minecraft!