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Fantasy Pack Texture Pack

Compatible with | Available in - Updated on August 16, 2013

Alright guys…wait…why do I always start with ‘Alright guys’…never mind…I like it that way…I really don’t know how to start…Anyhow my gf is out drinking and she would not pick up my call(s). What do I do…you might think I’m going to drive over there and drag her out? Nooooo…I looked up some Texture Pack that would freshen my thought up instead. Now you think I’m a freak. Well I think I am..I just loooove to play Minecraft with different Texture Packs. So the Fantasy Pack Texture Pack is the one I chose to get over whatever is happening right now.

Fantasy Pack Texture Pack

The Fantasy Pack Texture Pack will texture your Minecraft world in a way that will totally freshen up the whole atmosphere. The colors a re brighter more colorful! The mobs, well the friendly ones like them pigs and cows and whatever will be cuter…well…cute I guess, I’m a guy I wouldn’t know how to explain ‘cute?’ The Fantasy Pack Texture Pack will also make your tolls and equipments look differently and all sort of decorations and such. Its got a nice GUI too. Well…you know, all in all its cute, its brightens up everything and it has made me feel better for an hour now. But you know what..I’m still going to go there…right about now when I finish this post. I’ll tell you how it goes when I review the next Texture Pack.

How to Install Fantasy Pack Texture Pack for Minecraft

  1. Download the Fantasy Pack Texture Pack for Minecraft
  2. Save it to the .minecraft/texture pack folder
  3. Run Minecraft and go to ‘select mods and texture packs’
  4. Simply select the Fantasy Pack Texture Pack
  5. And you done!!!
  6. Off I gooooooo